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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
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In a white house,
with a roof colored mint,
he painted the Hudson,
which he did tint.

The name of this site
sounds like a drink,
but it's really a waterfall
where people go to think.

The Dutch settlers of Clarkstown
were put to the test,
now they're here
for a permanent rest.

Down by the Mall
is a place you cannot call
with writing on stones
and very old bones.

North, South, East, West
Which Witch knows best?

Built in 1731,
before the war was won;
very close to the street
this house looks so neat!


The Clarkstown four corners
is a historical spot;
in the green house
lived a patriot.

People traveled
from cities and farms
to hear this tower's
musical charm.

In front of this place
in a wide open space
is a large wheel
that looks like steel

Beside the bell
which stops the fire,
this house has no nails;
I'm not a liar.

At four corners, there once were boarders;
now they make food orders.

In this place,
if you look,
you might find
your favorite book.


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