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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
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Before I was built
You would have to walk across the rocks.
I am made of wood
Just like docks.

Here is where I do reading
When my brain needs a feeding.

Here was sheltered
Many a traveler and
the Head of the Revolutionary forces
but not his horses.

I'm the house on the corner,
Not far from the creek.
I was used to make food
For people before they could speak.

I'm in the center of town, with tall old trees.
I used to be a courthouse and heard people's pleas.

Live and Learn!
Here I learned, now I live.


This is a place that has lots of space
You can go there to lay or play
You can listen to music or be loud
But, please, please, no dogs allowed.

While being held here, Major Andre
Did not like his entree.
Today you can try the same
But we guarantee it will not bring you fame.

For the bad thing that he done,
This is where he was hung.

People had to travel from miles away
So they could sit here and pray.

I've been grand and stately in my time
A field of green makes me look sublime.
The wise and pious resided within me
Today all come to view and admire me.


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