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Look at each clue, read the riddle, and see if you can spy the answers.
Click on the clue pictures to discover if you are correct!



An association was moved to this wonderful home
You can find information here, get it on loan.

This private home was built in 1806
On land received as a wedding gift.

First I was the National Bank, then I became the Town Hall
I have a new name now, where people can learn about it all.


This hotel was located along the railroad line,
They have great food here if you wish to dine.

If you look through my window, what will you see?
A pew, a pastor and a choir, maybe?
I am one mile from Pine Bush on Route 52,
across the road there are cows that say moo!

This house of worship has a very tall spire
The stained glass windows are for all to admire.


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