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County business happens here
just like in days of old
the lettering above its door
is bright and shiny gold

When Goshen was a small quaint town
This school was where kids hung around
Now town meetings are held here
With results that people like to hear

Since 1790 when it first appeared,
many people through the years have rested here.

The color of the house is a yellow/green mix
It became important to Goshen in 1976
Maplewood is its original name
Now local government is its claim to fame

Huse T. Blanchard designed this house of books
You really should take a look
This building's birth was in 1918
It's opening caused quite a scene


This spot still holds cases,
though not as many as before,
When it was built in 1841
it held much more

Since 1720 it has stood tall and gray.
For 80 years the only church in Goshen to get together and pray.

This building is filled
With equestrian history
Why these champions are popular
Is never a mystery

This building of brick
Has columns of four
and a beautiful fanlight
above a blue door


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