Management Professional Development Scholarship


Management Professional
Development Scholarship



The Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) Management Professional Development Scholarship seeks to improve the skills and abilities of our member library directors and managers, and librarians who wish to attend a Certificate in Public Library Administration program, but are unable to, due to budgetary constraints. Two (2) Scholarships will be offered each year.


  • Applicant must be library director, manager or librarian at a RCLS member library.
  • Scholarships are given to applicants who wish to pursue a certificate in Public Library Administration program through Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University or the American Library Association.
  • Candidate must submit an essay of no more than 500 words outlining how this program will assist his/her job performance and why he/she is a good candidate to receive this scholarship.
  • The candidate must submit an evaluation report and provide proof of course completion.
  • Scholarships will not exceed $500.
  • Fall Scholarship deadline is 4:00pm on the last business day of July.
  • Spring Scholarship deadline is 4:00pm on the last business day of January.
  • Applications and the essay must sent via email or RCLS delivery to:

Grace Riario
Public Services Consultant and Outreach Coordinator


  •  All RCLS member library directors, manager and librarians are eligible to apply.
  •  Individual applicants can receive only one scholarship during each calendar year.
  •  Courses taken toward the MLS degree are not applicable.
  •  A candidate must be employed at a RCLS member library.

Deadlines and Announcements

  • All applications must be received prior to fall and spring deadlines.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified by email.
  • Scholarship check will be sent to the recipient, once the evaluation report and proof of course completion have been received by Grace Riario at RCLS, via RCLS delivery.
  • Applicants denied scholarships will be notified by email and will have the opportunity to apply in the following round.

Selective Procedure

  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant with a note indicating the error or omission.
  • Scholarships recipient will be chosen by the RCLS Board of Trustees.
  • The RCLS Board of Trustees has the right to offer no scholarships, if the applications do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements. A maximum of two (2) scholarships will be offered per year.
  • Scholarship monies not used will go back to the RCLS continuing education program.

Evaluation Report

  • Scholarship recipients are required to write a brief evaluation report about their experience, describing the value of the course for them and the impact of the course on their job performance. All or part of this report may then be used in future RCLS publicity.
  • Recipients may also be asked to share their experience with the local library community at a RCLS event.
  • Scholarship check will not be mailed to the recipient, if the evaluation report and proof of course completion is not submitted to RCLS, within 60 days of course completion.

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