Enterprise Upgrade Aug. 20, 2013

On August 20, 2013, there will be an upgrade to the library catalog (Enterprise) used by most member libraries of the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS).

SirsiDynix, the company providing Enterprise, has indicated that the new version of Enterprise has not been tested on and is not verified to be problem-free when viewed with the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or earlier versions).

After August 20, 2013, some features of the library catalog may not work properly via Internet Explorer 8.

If you do not use Internet Explorer but rather another up-to-date browser (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari), the catalog should work normally.

If you do use Internet Explorer (version 8 or earlier), or if you use an older Web browser, please consider upgrading to a newer browser so you can continue accessing the catalog (along with any other online services requiring and/or benefiting from a newer Web browser).

Updates to Microsoft Internet Explorer are available at: windows.microsoft.com

Two popular and freely available Web browsers which work with Enterprise are Firefox and Google Chrome.

You can learn how to "download" (retrieve) and install any browser by visiting the websites for these products. Always review the system requirements and terms of service before installing any software.

After installing a new browser, you can continue using your existing browser for other sites, if you prefer, but please keep this in mind: for the sake of improved computer security and functionality, experts regularly encourage users to update all software whenever possible.

Windows XP users are widely encouraged to consider installing a browser other than IE 8. It should also be noted Microsoft will end all support for Windows XP and IE 8 in April 2014.

We hope this update goes smoothly for you! If your Web browser encounters any issues after the Enterprise update, please let your local library know so that they can notify RCLS and SirsiDynix for further investigation. It will be helpful for us to know what operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Apple OS X "Mountain Lion"), which browser you are using, and the browser's version number.

You can usually locate the browser's version number by clicking on the browser's Help option (in the browser's top menu of options) and then clicking the About option appearing next.

For further guidance: please consult with your computer's manufacturer, your operating system's provider, and any other relevant providers of software or services on your computer.