Picture of RCLS Van

Why we need your help...

The Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) Delivery Service is an essential link between and among our member libraries. In the past year, the delivery service transported close to 3.5 million books, DVD's, CD's and other library materials. The delivery service assures that our member libraries can share their library materials with each other so that they may provide better services to their community and make the best use of local funding.

RCLS faces a dire funding situation. The Education Law funding formulas for our State Aid have remained unchanged since 1990 and in the last two years we have experienced cuts to our funding. The Governor's 2010-2011 Budget calls for a 16.5% reduction of State Aid. Yet the demand for library services continues to grow and the population of our service area has increased by more than 9.5%.

The library system and its delivery system helps guarantee that every resident within the service area will have equitable access to the information they need for work, school, personal growth and development or recreation. Your contribution will help us maintain this vital delivery service. Every donation received will be placed into a Vehicle Reserve Fund dedicated towards the purchase of new delivery vans for our fleet. Libraries and library systems are the information backbone of our society. Help us keep them strong both today and in the future.