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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 03/28/2016

Meeting Date: 
Monday, March 28, 2016

Attendees: Joni Armstrong (Chester), Susan Babcock (Tuxedo), Randall Enos (RCLS), Joanna Goldfarb (Monticello), Anna Gordon (Washingtonville), Sara Johnson (Florida), Stacy Kraai (Warwick), Ruth Mallard (Liberty), Michelle Muller (Goshen), Melissa Quarles (Monroe), Rhonda Somerelli (Port Jervis), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis)
Table Talk Commenced 9:30 a.m.             TOPIC: Target Audience
How do you target audiences for programs? By age, by grade, family program?
Michelle talked about surveying the community to find out about needs and/or expectations, for example, family program versus by age.
Anna has two age ranges for her storytimes, she is fine with parents flip flopping between or choosing what works better for them.  She broke from a very rigid program, she finds this works better for her community.
Joanna G. still has structure but is not very rigid. She allows other ages to come to defined age storytime with the explanation that it is targeted in one direction. She also does an evening storytime that is still a work in progress.
Melissa asked if libraries allow only their patrons or patrons from other districts. Most offer to their patrons first and then open to outside residents if the program does not fill.
Joni asked about teen programs and holding to certain ages for their programs.  Having a problem with younger kids coming to the teen programs, this prevents the actual teens from coming to the program.
Many have problems with parents lying about ages or grade levels. Some have even had adults register for teen programs. Mostly it is trying to catch the wrong age child before the program and politely remind parent of age range for the program.  
MEETING Commenced 10:00 a.m.                    
Welcome and Introductions.
CLOUSC activities for 2015-2016
Professional Development Day: Eric Carle Museum trip-date has been changed to Saturday, April 23rd.  Bus was difficult to coordinate.  See flyer from Randy.
Overview of Summer Reading Program Workshop:  Talked about ideas presented for set up.  Michelle’s multi leveled program and Janet’s Triathlon for the different age groups.  Showed some of the hands on crafts. Talked about the performer showcase and passed around evaluations.

    CLOUSC Award: Still looking for nominations.
      Y2Kids: April 20th, Send giveaways to Randy or Lisa at Newburgh.
      Luncheon: Joanna is working on the lunch and creating the invite. Randy got Robert Rayevsky to be our guest speaker.
    Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions: Invitation to join, Melissa Q. agreed to be part of the committee. Michelle informed group that they are in the early reading process now.
Sunshine Fund
Call for dues.
Book Share: What’s Hot In Your Library?
Anna brought several books to pass including several graphics, Star Wars, Fuzzy Mud, Kingdom Keepers, I Survived, Tallulah Mermaid of the Great Lakes and many others.  Discussed the popularity of the standards including Wimpy Kid, Mo Willems, Dork Diaries…Randy brought Publishers Weekly article that he will post the link on CLOUSC.  Mo Willems exhibit at the NY Historical Society Museum.
    Announcements from Randy
He shared several publishers previews.
Book Banquets: SUNY Orange-Monday, May 2/ Mid-Hudson-Tuesday, May 10/Ulster BOCES-Tuesday, May 17.
STEAM Learning Day/Minecraft Day-April 12(ride available), May 24(ride may be available)
YSS Spring Conference-Friday, April 15
 Fall Into Books, Friday, October 28th has a new location: Salvation Army, 440 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY at conference center.
Talked about ANSER and the idea to add leveling information to the catalog records (Lexile, Fountas and Pinell ) Discussed the Pros-helpful to parents and staff, Cons-schools change their systems frequently, can the catalog keep up.
He will be sending a survey about the Early Literacy grants being offered by the state.
3-minutes of fame
Joanna G. had a food of the day during Spring break where they offered drop in food programs each day like oreo pops, smoothies and healthy eating.
Michelle had Spring Break Drop In Days to get rid of left over crafts. Used Discover Dewey as a theme.
Anna is having her Peep Diorama program again, she gives the kids 6 peeps and a shoe box and let them go to town.
Joni did a painter’s tape painting art project for young school age and for teens. Worked well with all ages and teens really got creative and enjoyed it.

MEETING adjourned 11:55 a.m.        


Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair