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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 9/28/2015

Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 28, 2015

Attendees: Ruth Mallard (Liberty), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Randall Enos (RCLS), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall), Rena Kalanick (Fallsburg), Stacy Kraai (Warwick), Michelle Muller (Goshen), Pennie Mercado (Fallsburg), Anna Gordon (Washingtonville), Rhonda Somarelli (Port Jervis), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Sara Johnson (Florida), Joanna Goldfarb (Monticello), Jean Crawford (Walden), Beth Balogh(Walden), Joni Armstrong (Chester)

MEETING                         Commenced 10:08 a.m.

Welcome and Introductions. 2 New Members, Sara Johnson from Florida and Beth           Balogh from Walden.

CLOUSC plans for 2015-2016

  • Reviewed our upcoming schedule including table talks and book share topics. 
  • Discussed AWE or Sue Scott “Hour of Code” for “At Noon”
  • Discussed the importance of attending one of the RCLS Plan of Service Focus Groups-RCLS on 9/30-2 spots open, 10/2 West Nyack-full and 10/7 Fallsburgh-openings. Outside consultant running POS.
  • Discussed our professional development opportunity to visit the Eric Carle Museum again which was very well received.  It was decided mid to late April  would be a good time to go and Saturday would be the best day of the week, Saturday also works well for teachers. Randy will speak with BOCES, more information to come. 
  • Special projects-YSTUG Electronic Committee. Randy explained this is two parts, the first being the evaluation of databases to be shared among member libraries and the second being the purchasing of e-books and streaming materials to share among member libraries. Email Randy with any ebooks you are interested in if you are unable to place orders
  • Discussed Data Bank of Questions for Book Discussions. Most use questions from publisher, author’s website or LibGuides. Email Anna with title of book and what you have, (The Invention of Hugo Cabret- trivia questions and activity) Anna will send a reminder email by Oct 19.
  • Discussed the Resource List posted on the RCLS website.  The general consensus was that it is still useful. Has been updated recently.
  • Discussed the updating of the bibliographies on the RCLS website. Waiting to upload to RCLS website.
  • Discussed maintaining CLOUSC Archives-Lisa S. will contact Ruth at RCLS and report back at next CLOUSC meeting.


          CLOUSC Award: Pennie Mercado volunteered to chair the committee again this year.

          Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions   Randy will get together about 100 titles to be viewed at RCLS and at one Rockland library. Books with most votes will be part of the Mock Caldecott.

          Mock Newbery Committee- Current members include Michelle Muller, Kathy LaRocca, Julie Baxter, Anna Gordon and Randy Enos, and Virginia. Michelle said she hopes to have titles by November meeting.

          Other Committees- Y-2 Kids-Lisa K will keep us updated.

Book Share

Summer favorites Superdog-the Heart of a Hero, The Three Ninja Pigs, Super Duck, Hero Cat, My Mom the Firefighter, Clever Jack Takes the Cake, Each Kindness and other books highlighting heroic qualities.

Highlights from Announcements from Randy

     Bookmarks-“Every Student Present!” from NY State.  Please take bookmarks.

     Preview at Abrams on August 13-books will be included in Preview at RCLS. Randy passed around the Latin version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid which was translated by a Monsignor in Rome.

     K.I.W.I Storybooks-large books, passed around handouts.

     Attended ALA conference and Lit-Fest (Nassau Library System)-similar to Fall Into Books.

     Looking forward to Fall Into Books on October 9, 2015.

     Society of Illustrators-we will not have a bus trip to this event, please make your own arrangements.

     Every Child Ready 2 Read Workshop-November 4 from 9:30-3:00 at RCLS, may have additional session in Sullivan County.

Many samples of new Accu-cut –please take samples of each.

All reports for SRP 2015 have been completed.

Preview session at RCLS starts on 9/28 and ends on 10/30.

Catalogs for 2016 “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read!” have arrived and will be distributed soon.


3-minutes of fame 

  • Continuation of the SRP lessons learned Table Talk: Have a contingency plan in place for your SRP just in case something happens and train other staff members in registration and offering “back-up” to Youth Services. Mine Craft program started off with good attendance and grew despite computer/software issues and is now a monthly program. A few libraries reported a decrease in registration and program attendance, will re-think their SRP for 2016. Many libraries are partnering with local organizations to hold programs and increase circulation.

 MEETING adjourned                

Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair