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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 8/12/2015

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Attendees: Randall Enos (RCLS),Anna Gordon (Incoming Chair, Washingtonville), Lisa Kochik (Outgoing Secretary, Newburgh), Michelle Muller (Outgoing Chair, Goshen), Lisa SinClair (Incoming Secretary, Cornwall)


Commenced 9:14 a.m.

Reviewed materials distributed by Randy for the organizational meeting Agenda.

Duties of Officers & RCLS Consultant:

          Archives of CLOUSC: Will upload Agenda & Minutes from prior years to “new” RCLS website, and cull through files as this is done to create Scrapbooks of relevant pictures and select supplemental materials/projects/etc. (Michelle volunteered to make scrapbooks waiting for influx of paperwork) CLOUSC secretary will retain paper copies of meeting materials for Current Year + 2.

Structure of Meetings, organization, ongoing topics and setting agenda: Attendance Sheet will be updated/reviewed (Randy/Lisa); Nametags (Randy); Timeframe for posting meeting agendas (two weeks in advance) & minutes (within two weeks of meeting); Keep “3 minutes of fame” comfortable environment to discuss issues, concerns, etc.

2014-2015 Meetings: reviewed dates, filled in tabletalks and bookshare topics from notes/suggestions. SRP Wrap-Up changed to “Lessons Learned” to discussion changes/best practices/adjustments to SRP program. Location of June meeting discussed: will pursue Bethel Woods as first choice

Agenda for September:  Revised and Set

Special Projects and Committees: will be determined at September meeting

          SRP Newspaper Inserts, Y-2-Kids Careers; Resource List – need to determine if it is used? Discuss at September meeting if it is still relevant to be updated or continued (Anna used Resource list for Board Book sets this summer, Cornwall has shared Board Book sets with 3 other libraries this summer through Resource list ); Other projects- YSTUG committee, RCLS Website booklists update. Speak with Ruth at RCLS about making additions/changes to lists. Create libguides for book discussion questions or easy access to questions

Professional Development Opportunities:  Discussed Eric Carle Museum Trip / Workshop program for Spring 2016 (Saturday in March or April). Will ask CLOUSC at September meeting if that is of interest or solicit other suggestions. Randy will speak with members of BOCES if Saturday still works.

Fundraising: still have some money from request to Friends of Library Groups for CLOUSC Banner purchase a few years ago. There is $85 remaining and $19.84 from luncheons, totaling $104.84. Discussed using for June luncheon

Ongoing Committees: CLOUSC Award- solicit volunteers for committee at September meeting; Mock-Newbery Discussion- Michelle will serve as chair and follow up with committee once in place, and set timeline for nominations rounds.

Sunshine Fund: Susan Babcock will continue to oversee and manage. Increase card/flower from $40 to $50 in guidelines.

Meeting adjourned 11:02am

Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair