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Just for Fun!

Some libraries may have a few extra Summer Reading Inserts left over. Try these Newspaper recycling ideas!

Flibber craft

How to make Flibbers or Newspaper Palm Trees

Spread out 3 sheets of newspaper end to end. Overlap the ends about 3 inches. Tightly roll starting from one end, feeding each sheet into the roll as you go. Tape closed. Make 6 cuts about 6 inches long at one end of the newspaper tube. Take hold of the centermost fringe of the cut end and pull gently to elongate the tube like a telescope. The cut pieces will hang down to give a palm tree effect as shown in the picture above. Decorate the leaves for a more dynamic and colorful work of newspaper art.

 From Theresa Zacek at Middletown Thrall Public Library: here's the instructions for newsprint baskets.

They suggest using paper towels with the paper still on as a frame.  I used big glass jars, but you could probably use anything in whatever shape they want.