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CLOUSC Meeting 10/28/2019

Meeting Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2019

Attendees: Joanna Goldfarb (RCLS), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Beth Balogh (Walden), Joni Armstrong (Chester), Risa D’Angelo (Tuxedo Park), Liz Fisher (Cornwall),  Danielle DeLorenzo (Port Jervis), Cheryl Shelton Jones (Crawford), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg), Melissa Quarles (Monroe), Lisa Sinclair (Cornwall)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:40 am                                                                              

Topic: RCLS Resources (Joanna)

Joanna send around a handout with resources that are available through RCLS.:

  • Accu-cut Dies and Machine
  • Book Preview
  • Buzzer System – can be used when Battle of the Books is not using
  • Library Aware – contact Martha Sullivan if you don’t have an account!
  • Mock Book Awards - January 6, the titles have been chosen
  • Performer’s Showcase: February 1- the “best of their acts”
  • Summer Reading Resources – coming soon
  • Video Game Consoles – can be borrowed for one or two weeks at a time

There were also a few things that she was asked about:

  • Ozobots – very popular, book far in advance
  • WeDo Lego set – 4-5 different projects
  • Kamishibai theatre – can be used with or without the theatre
  • 3-D Doodlers – going to look and see if there are newer versions available, the current ones are constantly jamming up
  • Brainboxes – they hopefully will be available by the end of November. Joanna is checking the possibility for them to be sent through the delivery




MEETING Commenced 10:00 am                                                

Welcome and Introductions.


CLOUSC Projects and Activities

Recent conferences and events:

  • NY ComicCon

All who went had a good time, if you ever plan on going—Sunday is a great day to consider because they want to get rid of everything late in the day instead of traveling home with it! Also on Thursday, October 3rdthe NY Public Library held a Professional day from 9:30-4 for free, with food – you would just need the cost of travel

  • The Great Giveback

If you have any feedback, please email/contact Joanna--Fallsburg had a successful sock drive

--Cornwall held a coat drive and Community Fair (Food Bank, SPCA)

--A community children’s clothing swap was held at Chester, with 40 families participating, this was all done in one day--Walden held a Fine Forgiveness event, with a choice of donating to Faith House or to the Hudson Valley Food Bank

  • Building Children’s & Teen Spaces:                                                                              Beth and Joanna shared what had been discussed during this workshop, and what advice was given. Feedback was positive.
  • Fall into Books                                                                                                               Those who attended had a positive experience and thought it was worth going. All agreed that the speakers were well chosen and interesting, thus recommending it to those who have never attended. Beth and Amanda were group leaders, and both thought people were supportive and enthusiastic about the books they were assigned as well as the topics
  • Bibliographies                                                                                                               the updates are ongoing, Connie will send out an email soon         



  • CLOUSC Award: Amanda & Beth have no updates
  • Mock Newbery Committee: the committee will be meeting on Monday, November 4 at 2:00 to finalize a list
  • Professional Development committee:  Danielle is working on a visit to Hurleyville Maker Space with the help of Amanda. As of right now a possibility of a visit is somewhere between the end of January to sometime in April. She will send out an email asking for days that people will be unavailable opposed when they’re available
  • End of the Year Luncheon: no updates
  • Y-2 Kids : Lisa K. will send them an email, but no updates yet


Sunshine Fund       As of now the total is $203 in the fund. The envelope was passed around and collection taken.


Book Share:  Interactive books – many excellent books were shared, here are a few:    

Secrets in Winter – A Shine the Light Book   by Carron Brown                                               Touch the Brightest Star   by Christie Matheson                                                                       Tap the Magic Tree   by Christie Matheson                                                                            Who Am I   by Steve Jenkins                                                                                                           Brooms are for Flying  by Michael Rex                                                                                      Shout it Out  by Denise Fleming                                                                                                   I say Ooh You Say Aah  by John Kane                                                                                       Can You Make a Scary Face  by Jan Thomas                                                                           Tanka Tanka Skunk   by Steve Webb                                                                                          Stomp  by Uncle Ian Aurora                                                                                                           Warning: Do Not Open this Book  by Adam Lehrhaupt                                                            Open Very Carefully: A Book with a Bite by Nicola O’Byrne                                                    Who Done It by Oliver Tallec


Announcements from Joanna


  • 2020 Census:  Website:  2020census.gov --keep checking the website, it is still being updated and changing
  • The Great Give Back: libraries shared how their days went in the above notes under Projects and Activities                                                   
  • Building children’s and teen spaces All who attended found this first meeting went well.
  • Revamp Your Early Learning Space: December 4 at EBCPL, December 5 at Nanuet, and December 6 RCLS, 10-1; snow dates are the following day.  There is a mini grant for early learning spaces.
  • Library Cons and Festivals Demystified:  December 10 at RCLS (snow date December 11)
  • Mock Caldecott & Newbery:  January 6 from 9:00-3:00 (snow date January 7)
  • Performer’s Showcase:  February at 9:00, date is still being decided
  • SRP Workshop:  March 9, 9:30-3:00
  • Book Preview: runs through November 27, if you cannot make it to RCLS, there is a Survey Monkey you can use to “attend”, the link is in the email from Joanna


Additional Continuing Education Opportunities and Events

  • NYLA Conference: November 14-16, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • ALA Midwinter Conference: January 24-28, Philadelphia, PA
  • NYLS Advocacy Day: February 26, Albany, NY
  • PLA Conference:  February 25-26, Nashville, TN
  • YSS Spring Conference: TBD, Clayton, NY
  • Free Comic Book Day: Saturday, May 2
  • Day of Dialog:  May 27, Location TBD
  • Book Expo America:  May 27-29, Javitz Center, New York, NY
  • Book Con: May 30-31, Javitz Center, New York, NY
  • ALA Annual Conference:  June 25-30, Chicago, IL


Tech Topics

All were reminded that ALL libraries are included in the special offer made by AWE Computers.  The offer lasts until the end of December

Highlight the Host

Danielle was VERY happy to announce the great success of their mini comic con: “PJ Fan Fest”. The attendance was recorded at 915!  She commented (with much enthusiasm) that there were no glitches, and that it “was PERFECT!”  It was suggested that if you are ever interested in doing this -- plan, plan, plan, with lots of spreadsheets!  It was also suggested that if you can, find a local comic book store that would partner with you, as they did.  Vendors said they did amazing, better than average, and everyone promoted festival. High schoolers volunteered, and did an excellent job.  They are looking to do it next year, and will be applying for a grant. They are also considering utilizing the Youth Center. There was a separate Instagram site.  Considering they only spent around $2500, it was a huge success.


What’s on your mind?


MEETING adjourned 12:05 pm               











AT NOON: Census 101:

Mario Garcia was the presenter. He started with the information that RCLS is part of the Complete Count Community. The most important suggestion is for all staff to familiarize themselves with the 2020 Census site, and to keep checking it for updates and changes in the website.

Two of the biggest concerns for those taking the Census, or for those being a Census sight are confidentiality and security.

With that in mind, if people avoid the Census, it leads to undercounting. This leads to missing out on grants, incoming business (market research)

As of now there will be 12 non-english languages – online and phone.

The way the Census will “roll out” is:

  1. Online
  2. Phone
  3. Paper
  4. Receive a home visit

Census day is April 1, 2020, and in May visits to homes that have not responded will begin.

Some people brought up that they know of others who have received mailings, and mentioned about fines. Mailings have not happened yet, so there should be no fines.  Also there are surveys around, but here should not be any threats attached.


Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh 

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh