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CLOUSC Meeting 9/23/2019

Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 23, 2019

Attendees: Joanna Goldfarb (RCLS), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Beth Balogh (Walden), Joni Armstrong (Chester), Risa D’Angelo (Tuxedo Park), Kristen Dasenbrock (Western Sullivan), Liz Fisher (Cornwall),  Danielle DeLorenzo (Port Jervis), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Stacy Kraai (Warwick), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg), Kathy LaRocca (Goshen), Maria Martinez (Florida), Michelle Muller (Goshen), Kristin Rohlfs (Greenwood Lake)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:40 am                                                                              

Topic: Summer Reading Recap and Recovery

Connie started the meeting asking how SRP turned out. Overall everyone had a successful SRP, and most kick-offs/performers were great. However, some libraries experienced lower attendance then in years past, while most others found the amount the same. Also discussed was the timeline of SRP programs. Some libraries only run a 5-6 week program, others run longer. Port Jervis runs their programming farther into August then does some and Newburgh also, since they now have an extended school year in their district.

Starlab was a success for some, and others had a few glitches – one Starlab was a “blow-up” dome, Seniors had difficulty crawling into.

Some libraries used sign-ups, others did not, each library bases this on knowing their community and its needs.  Michelle commented on the increase in their registration due to the opening of the new building, and is confident all the newly registered will continue using the new facility.







MEETING Commenced 10:10 am                                                

Welcome and Introductions.


CLOUSC Projects and Activities


  • CLOUSC plans for 2019-2020

Table Talks and At Noons

  • Table talk and At Noons were reviewed and some were changed.
  • Table Talks for October and November may be switched, they are Meet the Director and RCLS Resources, it will depend on Grace Riario’s availability
  • Table Talk in March, Crafts for Boys will be led by Danielle (Port Jervis) and the Table Talk for April Table Talk Graphic Novel Collections will be led by Lisa K. (Newburgh)
  • The November At Noon Activities for Children on the Spectrum                  is now a definite, the speakers will be two mothers who have           children on the spectrum and are advocates for children on the spectrum
  • The At Noon in February is still undecided.  It will either be Mindfulness in Story Time or Bilingual Story Time
  • It was suggested that a possible visit to Hurleyville Maker’s Lab would replace the March At Noon MakerSpaces, What Works?

Special Projects/Professional Development                                                      

  • a visit to McMillan Publishers may be in the works
    • Resource Lists:  it was suggested that these lists are no longer used, and that they should be done away with. Connie will send out an email to all CLOUSC to alert all to this
    • Repeat Closet Swap? It was decided if you have any Swap items and are attending the October CLOUSC meeting, you can bring them when you come. It was suggested that maybe next year the Swap could be system-wide or at the March workshop
    • If you were not in attendance at this September meeting and have an idea for a special project, contact Connie or Joanna



  • CLOUSC Award: Amanda & Beth
  • Mock Newbery Committee: Amanda updated that all have been reading, and titles are currently being chosen
  • Professional Development committee:  Danielle will continue as chair
  • End of the Year Luncheon: Amanda will chair.  As of right now the luncheon will be held at Liberty, and Monticello is the backup. Joanna will be in charge of the speaker
  • Y-2 Kids : Lisa K. will continue as chair, no news/updates yet


Sunshine Fund       The envelope was passed around and collection taken. No update fund total update was shared at this time.

Book Share:  Now book share this month to allow more time for our tour of the new Goshen Library

Announcements from Joanna


  • How to Spot a Fake: September 10 at Valley Cottage Library, September 17 at RCLS                                                                                                                                                   Risa attended brought up the points that                                                                                  -you are not “secure”                                                                                                   -people are always reading fake news                                                                           -younger patrons especially are unaware of fake news
  • Census Training for Youth Staff: September 9 Valley Cottage Library, February 12 at HKDPL
  • Census Training, general: Sept 24 at RCLS, Oct 17at RCLS, Oct 24 at EBCPL in Monticello

Individuals who are ‘outside the library’ are welcome to attend a Census meeting, they can sign up on the RCLS website

  • The Great Give Back: October 19-25                                                                                         Data collection will be sent by Joanna
  • ALA – review --  Joanna attended and went to a Privacy workshop.  It dealt with             parents asking for their child’s library records. She is working with NYLA                to find privacy laws and make privacy policies    
  • Building children’s and teen spaces – Advice for libraries undergoing renovation or construction: October 22 at RCLS                                                            Michelle, Kathy, Beth and Stephen Hoefer (RCLS) will be part of this
  • Revamp Your Early Learning Space: December 4 at EBCPL, December 5 at Nanuet, and December 6 RCLS
  • Library Cons and Festivals Demystified:  December 10 at RCLS (snow date December 11)
  • Mock Caldecott & Newbery:  January 6 from 9:00-3:00 (snow date January 7)
  • Performer’s Showcase:  February at 9:00, date is still being decided
  • SRP Workshop:  March 9, 9:30-3:00


Sample books and a sign-up sheet were passed around from several publishers:


Additional Continuing Education Opportunities and Events

  • New York Comic Con: October 3-6, Javitz Center, New York, NY
  • Fall Into Books: October 25, Kingston, NY
  • NYLA Conference: November 14-16, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • ALA Midwinter Conference: January 24-28, Philadelphia, PA
  • NYLS Advocacy Day: February 26, Albany, NY
  • PLA Conference:  February 25-26, Nashville, TN
  • YSS Spring Conference: TBD, Clayton, NY
  • Free Comic Book Day: Saturday, May 2
  • Day of Dialog:  May 27, Location TBD
  • Book Expo America:  May 27-29, Javitz Center, New York, NY
  • Book Con: May 30-31, Javitz Center, New York, NY
  • ALA Annual Conference:  June 25-30, Chicago, IL                           

Tech Topics

  • Discussion on the policies used by libraries present concerning young patrons and using the internet. Some libraries “opt in”, parents a sign an agreement for their child to use the internet, others “opt out” signing refusing to allow their child to use the internet.
  • Joanna will email out a list of suggested video games for collection development and said it is also available on the RCLS website.  

Highlight the Host

Michelle and Kathy led us all on the tour of the amazing and spacious new Goshen library. The Goshen library is now at least twice (or more?) the size of the former library! It has many different features that were not available in their old library; for instance, there are a variety of meeting rooms available to patrons and groups for their specific purposes.  The children’s section has much more room, with many different areas in which children and caregivers can enjoy reading, doing homework, playing a game, doing crafts. There is cozy space in which you can use the computers, and all of us wanted to sit in the booths for a bit! 

The Friends of the Library have their very own “store”!

Teens now have a space to call their own, with teen-friendly tables and chairs.

Staff now have their own kitchen and staff area, and all are loving the idea of all the open space that is now available.

There is much more to see and enjoy!

What’s on your mind?

FYI -- If you are in need of Professional Development hours, when you attend a CLOUSC meeting, you can accumulate 11/2 hours of Professional Development time! 

A Shout Out to two performers who are highly recommended:  Marvelous Mutts who Liz (Cornwall) can’t say enough about, and Johie who saved Risa (Tuxedo) at the last minute and was wonderful! Her website is johietheclown.com

On a sad note, the SRP Night at the Renegades game didn’t happen! People were in attendance, and it was never announced or recognized.

Don’t forget you can apply for free Yankees tickets, one library received 4 tickets! You do have to write an actual letter to apply for them, but it sounds very easy, just go to the complimentary ticket program for information:  https://www.mlb.com/yankees/community/complimentary-ticket-program  


MEETING adjourned 11:55 pm               


AT NOON: AWE Computer Presentation:

Juanita Griscom, Senior Account Executive from AWE Learning gave a presentation and demonstration of the newest computers, Platinum.

She presented and demonstrated some of their different products which include the base products Early Literacy Station Platinum (ages 2-8), AfterSchool Edge Platinum (ages 6-12), and Bilingual Spanish Literacy Station Platinum, there is also Student Learning Center, Coding, and ELF Child-safe Browser available, and much more.

If you are interested, there is special pricing until the end of the year, with no minimum purchase. You can email her for pricing at griscomj@awelearning.com , or call 610-833-6400 (HQ), 267-259-6211(cell), or 610-833-6440 (fax).

You also may get credit for some of the old models, but not all. They also will take some back so you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of them.



Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh 

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh