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CLOUSC Meeting 4/22/19

Meeting Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2019

Attendees: Joanna Goldfarb (RCLS), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Beth Balogh (Walden), Risa D’Angelo (Tuxedo Park), Danielle DeLorenzo (Port Jervis), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg),  Maria Martinez (Florida), Leslie Rose (Highland Falls), Lisa Sinclair (Cornwall)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:30 am                                                                              

Topic: Making Your Library a Welcoming Place (Leslie)

Leslie shared the many approaches she is taking to make the Highland Falls library a more welcoming place. 

  • Greeting families and their children by learning their names and asking “So, what are you reading?”
  • Reaching out to schools more for visits, by both reading and doing programs at the schools, then encouraging them to visit the library as a field trip
  • Opened services to the West Point families
  • Reaching out to more community groups and encouraging them to utilize the library space
  • Encouraging more interaction with patrons, even if it is just a recognition that they are there

MEETING Commenced 10:15 am                                                

Welcome and Introductions.

CLOUSC Projects and Activities

  • Resource Lists

Beth is close to completing the Grade 4-5 list

  • Bibliographies

Danielle is continuing to work on Fractured Fairytales, Connie will check on how the others are coming along

  • Scanning meeting minutes

it has been settled that the minutes that are located on the RCLS website at this time (2013-present) are all that seem to be necessary now, anything older is not needed

  • Mother Goose on the Loose Workshop

reactions to this workshop varied from feelings that it seemed more organized, and there was a positive reaction to the fact that examples and templates were given.The opposite feeling was that it was much of the same, and there was a lot of “brain talk”, also that it may have worked better if the session was shorter.

  • New officers

Connie mentioned that she was completing her second year as chair, and asked if anyone else would like to step up to the position for next year. Beth also asked if anyone was interested in taking on the Secretary position for the same reason. This will be addressed at the next (last) meeting in June, since the only response was from Amanda, who already holds a position.

  • SRP  

There will be no newspapers this year. A trifold Book List is in the works, and will be distributed by email (?) to all libraries when finished

  • Table Talk ideas for next year

A few ideas were thrown out for next year’s Table Talks and Book Shares

            Table Talk:    Therapy dog guidelines

Crafts/programs for boysHomeschool families

            Book Share:  Books for Boys                                                                                                                     Diverse Families

If you have any ideas for either topic, please email Connie with it!


  • CLOUSC Award: Beth will check with Joni to find out what has been given to the winner in the past.
  • Mock Newbery Committee: Amanda will be the new Chair, Sara Scoggan (Newburgh), Joanna (RCLS), Beth (Walden), Liz & Lisa S. (Cornwall) will be on the committee, Amanda will double check to see if all are still going to be on the committee
  • Professional Development committee:  Danielle has a date of May 10.This visit would include a 10:00 a.m. tour of the library, and then lunch courtesy of the Darien Library! Danielle will put out a “last call” for anyone else who would like to come, and a reminder to RSVP.  As of the meeting, there were 10 people attending.    
  • End of the Year Luncheon:

Michelle spoke with Beth and the author, Tania Guarino will present at the luncheon! An invitation is in the works, and will be sent out soon. If you would like to attend, the cost is $15 a person along with a dessert to share.

  •  Y-2 Kids

(Lisa Kochik is chair) was on Wednesday, April 10. Joanna shared all the positive feedback of the day, and of its success. Hundreds of young teens stopped at the table, asked questions, and shared the names of their favorite books. There were several raffle winners from local schools.



Sunshine Fund      

As of the beginning of the meeting the account held $78.96. Change was given to round it off to an even $80.00. Discussion about the CLOUSC award led to Beth offering to contact Joni to ask where money came from for the past awards and what else was given as a gift

Book Share: Caldecott & Newbery – books for SRP “A Universe of Stories”             

Quite a few wonderful books were shared:

Star Stuff-Carl Sagan by Stephanie Roth                       Gravity by Jason Chin

If You Had a Jet Pack by Lisl Detlefsen                          Moustronaut by Mark Kelly

Earth My First 5.4 Billion Years by Stacy McAnulty       Penguinaut by Marcy Colleen

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluck                Life on Mars by Jon Agee

The Moon’s First Friends by Susan & Leonard Hill

Announcements from Joanna


CENSUS 2020 Training 

Joanna once again shared statistics and information of uncounted people in the last Census, which means less funding to that area. Sullivan County was the 2nd least counted, and Orange County was in the top 5!  She and others are encouraging as many staff members as possible to go a training session, especially since phase 1 of the Census is encouraging people to be counted is online. This is scheduled to start April 1, 2020. This would mean more people will be coming in to the libraries to utilize computers for this purpose.  Phase 2 will be paper, and Phase 3 will be a home visit.

                                    June 5 at RCLS           6:00 pm                                                                                                     June 6 at Pearl River  10:00 am

            Census data analysis workshop: May 7 at RCLS  10:00 am

Questions asked and some ideas shared concerning the CENSUS:

  • partner with people – schools/BOCES                     
  • refer to the Youth Services (blue) booklet received a short time ago
  • what would be a helpful resource to use start awareness of the upcoming         census?
  • Would sample questions lessen fear?
  • Assure people the library is a “safe place” to take your census
  • Look into the law, for instance – names and addresses cannot be released for 72 years – to assure people


Sample books and a sign-up sheet were passed around from several publishers: Random House, Quarto, and Sourcebooks

A recap was given on the visit at Simon and Schuster on March 29

YSS Spring Conference

 Tarrytown, April 26

Day of Dialog

Wednesday, May 29 at the NY Academy of Medicine.  Enrollment is still open.                                          Book Expo - Jacob Javits Center, May 29 – 31  *get a ticket, freebies                                  Book Con – June 1-2   *more commercial, you have to pay for more things

            Check to see if there are still openings


Saturday, October 19, 2019 – www.thegreatgiveback.org

Participating libraries meeting: Tuesday, June 4, 2019 @ RCLS, 10:00                            Joanna reminded all that there are many things that we are already doing that would qualify as participating in this cause, and that your form of service can range from something very low key, and “small” to something more involved and “big”

Fall into Books

Friday, October 25, 2019 – Kingston. The speakers this year will be Margaret Peterson Haddix and Melinda Gray

Registration forms go out in May



Book Preview

May 6 – June 6 @ RCLS.  Register through Eileen Acosta, an email will be going out next week

Early Learning Backpacks

Applications due 4/29


Posters have arrived. Please pick up and sign off for your library                                         

Tech Topics

No Tech Topics today


Highlight the Host

A tour of the Highland Falls Library was given by Leslie, we were able to see all parts of the library, old and new, including the “Tea Room” and the tiered activity/reading room!

An impressive and very interesting photography exhibit by Stan Goldblatt is currently on view at the library.  The photographs are a collection of Thru Hikers on the Appalachian Trail, the exhibit ends October 4. Approximately 80 people attended the opening reception for this exhibit, Leslie commented that many of those in attendance were new faces, and that it was much diversified crowd

Leslie also talked about working with the Hudson Valley Land Trust, and that work with the New York /New Jersey Conservancy is in future plans.

What’s on your mind?

Port Jervis did a lot of fun things during Spring Break! Check it out on Facebook!


MEETING adjourned 12:30 pm               

AT NOON: Free Web Resources presented by Amanda:

Amanda handed out paper copies with lists of links and blogs. 

Pros and cons of these links and blogs were discussed. For example:  www.goosechase.com has free limited resources, otherwise there are costs involved; this is opposed to http://scavr.com which has more free resources.  www.signupgenius.com is up to $50.00 monthly, and www.storytimeunderground.org is more like a blog. 

Other links:

https://www.remind.com/  (APP)                                                                   www.libraryaware.com                                                                                         www.canva.com                                                                                       www.surveymonkey.com                                                 http://www.thrall.org/impart/issues.html

Blogs:                                                                                                                                      Adult Librarians                                                            Teen Librarians

5 Minute Librarian                                                    Ontarian Librarian                         Hafuboti                                                                       Hi, Miss Julie                                         The Neighborhood Librarian                                    The Loudmouth Librarian                    

Children’s Librarians                                               Other popular blogs                        

Jbrary                                                             Bryce Don’t Play      Miss Meg’s Storytime         The Show Me Librarian                         Fat Girl Reading        At the Intersection    Thrive After Three                                      Stacked                      Teen Services Underground                                                                                                                                           

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh 

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh