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CLOUSC Meeting 3/25/19

Meeting Date: 
Monday, March 25, 2019

Attendees: Joanna Goldfarb (RCLS), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Beth Balogh (Walden), Joni Armstrong (Chester), Danielle DeLorenzo (Port Jervis), Liz Fisher (Cornwall), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Maria Martinez (Florida), Michelle Mueller (Goshen)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:33 am                                                                              

Topic: Policies & Procedures: Roblox & other open games

A discussion concerning someone witnessing questionable activity raised a question:                                                                                      If there is open wifi – why do we have policies we cannot inforce?  A response to that was that the ‘rules are there for our own protection’ which everyone then agreed with

            Florida mentioned the game used to crash their computers, so they bought                       tablets that can support the game.

There was a discussion on the restrictions put on school Chromebooks which the children seem to be getting around—should we worry about that?

This led to another discussion on use of the computers by minors:

Some libraries have done away with paper copies of permission for minors to use the computer, others have different policies:                                                                                                                    -- When you get your card, that is your “permission slip”                                                 -- 10 years & under needs to be with guardian (the guardian being an                                     adult, not teen) and have a permission slip                                                                                --  10+ permission slip        


MEETING Commenced 10:15 am                                                

Welcome and Introductions.



CLOUSC Projects and Activities

  • Resource Lists

There are ongoing updates, Connie will be contacting people about updates

  • Bibliographies

Connie will revisit the list and will send an email, no updates as of now

  • Scanning meeting minutes from 2010 up to now, Beth will double check
  • Connie asked for comments on the SRP Planning Program Workshop:                               Very positive feedback, many commented on all the great ideas
  • The April At Noon session is still a go with Amanda leading.  The format, as of                 this meeting, will be a paper handout.



  • CLOUSC Award: a winner has been chosen! More information to come!
  • Mock Newbery Committee: Amanda will be the new Chair, Sara Scoggan (Newburgh), Joanna (RCLS), Beth (Walden), Liz & Lisa S. (Cornwall) will be on the committee
  • Professional Development committee:  Danielle had had a date for an April visit to Darien Library but unfortunately it did not work for many. She immediately messaged her contact with the Darien Library and was sent two new dates from which to choose from: May 3 and May 10.                                            This visit would include a 10:00 a.m. tour of the library, and then lunch              courtesy of the Darien Library! Contact Daniel if you are interested
  • End of the Year Luncheon: Michelle is the chair, and she shared the plans of the new library with those in attendance. She is confident all will be ready for the luncheon in June! Beth will send Michelle the information of the author, Tania Guarino, who could possibly present at the luncheon
  •  Y-2 Kids (Lisa Kochik is chair) is on Wednesday, April 10, with the snow date being the Thursday11th, running from 9am to 2pm.                                                      Lisa explained the ins and outs of Y2Kids and handed off the information                  to Joanna. She promised to forward the informational email for the day as                 soon as she receives it herself.


Sunshine Fund      

As of the beginning of the meeting the account held $50.00. Amanda will send a sympathy card to Penny Mercado for her son. Discussion was held as whether or not to use the some of the funds for the CLOUSC Award, and if a new collection should be taken.  It was decided to pass the envelope around, and several contributions were made. If you would like to contribute, contact Amanda at aletohic@rcls.org


Book Share: Caldecott & Newbery – books for children on the spectrum                   

Not too many books were shared, but more the type of books that are appropriate and helpful for children on the spectrum.



Announcements from Joanna


CENSUS 2020 Training 

Joanna shared statistics of uncounted people in the last Census, which means less funding to that area. Sullivan County was the 2nd least counted, and Orange County was in the top 5!  She and others are encouraging as many staff members as possible to go a training session, especially since phase 1 of the Census is encouraging people to be counted is online. This would mean more people will be coming in to the libraries to utilize computers for this purpose.  Phase 2 will be paper, and Phase 3 will be a home visit.

The possibility of a Census Representative attending a CLOUSC meeting was raised.    

 Many session are being offered, as stated in an email from Grace Roario on March 26:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         April 2 at Mamakating                                                                                                                     April 3 at RCLS                                                                                                                                April 9 at Pearl River                                                                                                                       June 5 at RCLS                                                                                                                             June 6 at Pearl River

Battle of the Books

Information session is on Monday, April 8, 10:00 – 12:00

Mother Goose on the Loose

Tuesday, April 9, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  There will be different content this year

YSS Spring Conference

 Tarrytown, April 26

Day of Dialog

Wednesday, May 29 at the NY Academy of Medicine.  Enrollment is still open.                                          Book Expo - Jacob Javits Center, May 29 – 31                                                                          Book Con – June 1-2

Fall into Books

Friday, October 25, 2019 – Kingston. The speakers this year will be Margaret Peterson Haddix and Melinda Gray



  • Book Preview in the works – look for details in late April or early May
  • AWE Computers – the computers that are now in use are probably the B12 version.  There is a new version, B13. After this version, these will be phased out, and a new system called Platinum Station will be the replacement.  If anyone is interested in purchasing new learning computers, it was decided that this would not be done until after summer, and a possible At Noon visit from AWE Learning is in the works. If it turns out that many are interested, and there is a bulk order, there will be a significant discount.       



READsquared – Webinar Archive sent out – this is a FREE service, and is a SRP     sign-up platform


  • Supercharged Storytime web training in progress – there is a copy of the book in the Professional Collection
  • Simon & Schuster and Penguin book previews were passed around and shared
  • TheGreatGiveBack.org – Saturday, October 19, 2019. Joanna encouraged all to participate, reminding everyone that they are probably already engaged in programs that are included in this event                                                                                                                  

Tech Topics

All Tech Topics were addressed during Table Talk this month


Highlight the Host

Joni was asked to revisit her process props, and activities that made her Sensory Group program so successful. She said her group aged out and has gotten occasional calls about starting a new one, but is on hold for the time being.


What’s on your mind?

            Thank yous were once again given to Joni for sharing the idea of using beads/necklaces to make an account of time/books read during the SRP. Ideas for prizes and awards were shared. Tickets for Renegades, Yankees and Mets are available by going through their sites.  Libraries can get free ice cream from McDonald’s, and freebies from Chipolte and Quick Check.  It was advised to look into this 1-2 months ahead of time.  Another fun and successful DIY thing to do is scratch-offs for teens! (with small prizes underneath of course!)


MEETING adjourned 12:15 pm               


AT NOON: Meet the new Head Youth Services, Joanna! :

Joanna began by introducing herself, and gave a summary of her education and work experience.

There are several points that she will be promoting and working on as the new Head of Youth Services:

  • Would like to use her masters in Marketing and Communication to help any/all who want to learn how to better market themselves and their library more efficiently.
  • Presented the possibility of opening up the meeting and workshops to other groups and staff members

-- Maybe an annual “get together” of CLOUSC and LARC??

  • She is currently applying for the Early Literacy Grant (a three year grant), due April 1.

There is the hope to have future trainings in three locations to make them more accessible, but if this is arranged, attendance is the key!


  • She is hoping to see/visit all the libraries in RCLS!
  • She is working closely with Grace on the 2020 Census
  • She is also working on finally getting a library for Minnisink!



Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh