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CLOUSC Meeting 10/30/17

Meeting Date: 
Monday, October 30, 2017

Attendees: Randall Enos (RCLS), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Beth Balogh (Walden), Vicey Thomas (Liberty), Ruth Mallard (Liberty),Jean Crawford (Walden), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall), Melissa Quarles (Monroe), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg),  Michelle Muller (Goshen), Joni Armstrong (Chester)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:31am        

Topic: Policies & Procedures: Conduct & Unattended Children

Discussion was lead by Michelle Muller (Goshen).  Michelle referenced a book from the Professional Development Collection @ RCLS titled: Unattended children in the public library: a resource guide. Several libraries shared information on their Policy & Procedures, paper copies were handed out by Lisa Kochik (Newburgh) and Lisa SinClair (Cornwall). Ages of children who can be left without supervision were discussed; ranging from ages 8-10. Also, the supervisor’s age, when they are not an adult was discussed – ages ranged from ages 14-16

          Other items addressed:

  • Problems with Adult Daycare programs visiting the library and charges left unattended, a library can threaten to bar from library/notify supervisor
  • How to address situations when adults (without children) are in the children’s area or teen area
  • Items on Hold—how many days are they required to sit on the Hold shelf? Who decides this?

MEETING Commenced 10:05 am                                        

Welcome and Introductions.

CLOUSC projects and Activities

  • November Table Talk topic and discussion leader was needed it was decided it would be Challenges in Material Selection, Censorship Policies possibly run by Madeline (Florida).
  • Possible Professional Development early March at Westchester Library for a 3-D printing Program





Special Projects

  • Copies of Resource Lists were passed around and updated.
  • The Bibliographies Death and Dying (Michelle/Goshen) and Facts of Life and Body Awareness (Joni/Chester) are now finished, thanks to all who contributed to the list
  • Joni (Chester) mentioned a possible visit from Martha Sullivan to talk about LibGuides


     CLOUSC Award: Joni has revised the guidelines and shared copies with all. General consensus approved changes

      Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions:  Lisa S. will meet with the committee in the next two weeks. Lisa will email the list after the meeting

       Y-2 Kids: Too early for information, Lisa K. will keep us posted.

      Luncheon: Still planning


Sunshine Fund

Susan was not in attendance. A thank you card from Randy was passed around. Sara Johnson and Sara Schepis (now Sara Scoggan) have gotten married.

Also Lisa K. (Newburgh) wasn’t sure if Sara Scoggan  would  qualify for a card or recognition from CLOUSC: she has served on the CLOUSC Mock Newbery Committee for a few years now, and is very active in outreach to Orange County Wide organizations, having just presented at the Child Care Council of Orange County Fall Mini-Conference, “The Dynamics of Early Literacy,” on Saturday October 21, 2017; as well as being scheduled to present at a County-wide YMCA Professional Development day for their counselors in November.


Book Share

Holiday books were shared         


Announcements from Randy

PUBLISHERS: Randy shared information and displays. Previews included: Holiday House, Rodale Kids, Sourcebooks, Little Brown, Scholastic (Wonderstruck movie preview), Chronicle (Herve Tullet Celebration), Simon & Shuster, Random House, HarperChildren’s Book



  • Upcoming : Putting it Together—School & Public Librarians, Warwick on 11/15/17
  • Reading Pictures (Society of Illustrators) –Monday, 12/11/17 
  • Transforming Preschool Story Times (with Mother Goose on the Loose) Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • Juvenile Book Preview – delayed
  • Early literacy posters and brochures: all were reminded if they do not have them, not to leave without them


  • Flash drives with the manuals for SRP on them have been made available by Randy. All present were asked to sign for their flash drive to take back to their library before leaving. Contact Randy if you would like one.
  • Look for information for accessing online manuals

 Tech Topics

  • Melissa (Monroe) mentioned that they have purchased VR Headsets, and have offered programs for ages Grade 4 and up with little response. They are saddened that there is not much excitement considering the amount spent on the headsets
  • Michelle (Goshen) has use Google Cardboard for a program where children traveled to different countries

Highlight the Host

Ruth was excited to share the table in the Children’s area on which the tabletop has been transformed into a version of Candyland, and the chairs surrounding the table have each been painted with a different book theme. This was done by NART from Liberty High School. Also shared were a mural on canvas made during a SRP program and an enormous paper chain which was draped around the room, representing books read during the SRP--very 5th chain was blue, and 10th were gold! Flyers of programs were also passed around. Everyone admired all the artwork displayed throughout the library.

What’s On Your Mind?

  • Lisa S (Cornwall) mentioned Vox books and how much she likes them. They are shelved randomly right now since there is only a small amount, no holds, anyone can borrow
  • Lisa S (Cornwall) offered to lead a discussion on policy for Records and Rights of Minors; Cards & Confidentiality
  • Amanda (Fallsburg) asked for input about how it would be possible for incarcerated parents to read to their children – it was offered that possibly parent could record themselves reading to their child. Any more input would be appreciated.



At Noon: Grants Roundtable

Connie (Port Jervis) offered print-outs of many different grant options.

  • Grant List – NYLA
  • Dollar General Literacy Foundation – new grants available 1/18. This is for early literacy. Lisa K (Newburgh) has used this option and partnered through ALSC
  • Scholastic.com – many grants under this umbrella (i.e. Libri –rural libraries, Starbucks)
  • Walmart Community Grant
  • Ezra Jack Keats – Lisa K has also used this grant and partnered with an elementary school in the district
  • Stewarts
  • Lois Lenski – book mobile related grants
  • Possibly  Rotary




MEETING adjourned 1:10 pm              

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh