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CLOUSC Meeting 9/25/17

Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 25, 2017

Attendees: Nancy Hanson (Chester), Susan Babcock (Tuxedo), Beth Balogh (Walden),), Randall Enos (RCLS), Sara Johnson (Florida), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Stacy Kraai (Warwick), Kate Eicher (Warwick), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg),  Michelle Muller (Goshen), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall),  Vicey Thomas (Liberty), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis),Ruth Mallard (Liberty)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:31am         Topic: SRP-Lessons Learned

Discussion was held about who can register. How “time” was recorded, and the different approaches that were taken, ranging from recorded minutes, number of books, or number of pages read.


MEETING Commenced 10:05 am                                        

Welcome and Introductions.

CLOUSC plans for 2017-2018

Randy was congratulated on his NYLA Dewey Fellow Award and was presented with a gift.

Lisa S. and Lisa K. were thanked and presented with gifts.

 Meeting schedule, table talk, “At Noon” and book share topics revised and set. Connie asked for volunteers to lead table talk.

Special Projects

All were asked to check for updates on the Resource List posted to RCLS pertaining to their library, and to alert Ruth D to any changes. Susan Babcock suggested the list be passed around at each CLOUSC meeting as a reminder. Connie suggested if anyone wants to edit/work on the list to use Word, listing author/title only. Randy discussed putting old meeting minutes on LibGuides. A decision was made to decide in November whether or not to continue Policies and Procedures in February, or pick a new Table Talk for that month





     CLOUSC Award: Joni and Beth on committee, looking for Chair

      Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions:  Lisa S. is now heading the committee and will email committee members

       Y-2 Kids: Too early for information, Lisa K. will keep us posted.

      Luncheon: Still planning


Sunshine Fund

Susan will manage. Call for dues.

Book Share

Yoga Storytime with yoga picture books with explanation of poses, Giraffes Can Dance, used “Bronze, Silver, Gold” in book titles for book discussions.  Books on swimming.         


Announcements from Randy


Attended several publisher previews, shared books with group.  Asked group to take Babies Need Words Every Day booklist and wall posters.  Handout: Digital Age. Mentioned Demco’s The Very Ready Reading Program


Kids Lib Camp, ALA Summer Conference.


Preview session possibly starts at the end of October or early November.

Upcoming workshops: Free Webinar: Like, Share & Get Notice October 4 (1-2:30); Transforming Preschool Story Times (with Mother Goose on the Loose) Wednesday, April 25 (9am-4pm) @ RCLS;  MakerSpace Training Sessions @ Westchester Library System (see 9/20/17 email from Grace R.); Media 101: Truth or Consensus@ Bethel Woods; Sunday October 1, Intro to Grant Writing @ RCLS, Wednesday October 18; Overdrive Workshop October 11- 1st Session: 10-12, 2nd Session 1-3 @ RCLS

The possibility of a Professional Development group trip to Elmsford Library was “put out there” to see the new space and look at their programs

LARC looking into a visit to a publisher

Question presented whether or not At Noon speaker could count towards CE credits

YSS Spring Conference – Friday, April 13, 2013


Reports due on Friday, September 29, 2017

The CSLP/Upstart  2018 “Libraries Rock!” catalogs were distributed

Tech Topics

Discussion about 3-D printers: where people put them, if supervision is a constant need. Michelle (Goshen) mentioned using theirs to make prizes for SRP

Highlight the Host

Warwick reworked Children’s area to accommodate behavior patterns. Shared Storytime Totes, Literacy Totes, Adventure Backpacks, and Discovery Backpacks with group; content, display and circulation information were also shared

What’s On Your Mind?

So B. It Movie – See Marjorie Linko’s email (9/18/17)


MEETING adjourned 12:14 pm            

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Balogh

Minutes Author: 
Beth Balogh