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COSAG Meeting Minutes 09/26/2016

Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 26, 2016

Attendees: Joni Armstrong (Chester), Susan Babcock (Tuxedo), Beth Bologh (Walden), Danielle Cancel (Wallkill),  Jean Crawford (Walden), Randall Enos (RCLS), Sara Johnson (Florida), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Stacy Kraai (Warwick), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg),  Michelle Muller (Goshen), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall),  Rhonda Somarelli (Port Jervis), Vicey Thomas (Liberty), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis)

Table Talk: Commenced 9:31am         Topic: SRP-Lessons Learned

Lisa K. used “Marathon Map” this summer, worked really well-will do again.  Michelle felt sign-ups were odd, no “wait lists”, patrons registered for programs the day of. Joni had a few “no-show” performers. Susan had summer interns plan the summer finale, worked really well, they planned life size Candyland at a local park with 75 attendees. Sara had scavenger hunt inside library, children had to find sports themed gnomes throughout the building. Vicey had her volunteers who played instruments perform a concert for the summer ender.

MEETING Commenced 10:04am                                        

Welcome and Introductions.


New CLOUSC member, Danielle Cancel of Wallkill, received CLOUSC mug and pin.

CLOUSC plans for 2016-2017

Meeting schedule, table talk, “At Noon” and book share topics revised and set.  Possible visit to publishing house is in the works for late winter or early spring.

Special Projects

Send Lisa K. any changes to Resource List posted to RCLS.  Discussed LibGuides and Library Aware.


     CLOUSC Award: Joni and Beth on committee, looking for Chair

      Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions:  Michelle will email committee members

       Y-2 Kids: Too early for information, Lisa K. will keep us posted.

      Luncheon: Still planning

Sunshine Fund

Susan will manage. Call for dues.

Book Share

Yoga Storytime with yoga picture books with explanation of poses, Giraffes Can Dance, used “Bronze, Silver, Gold” in book titles for book discussions.  Books on swimming.         


Announcements from Randy


Attended several publisher previews, shared books with group.  Asked group to take kits and Harry Potter Muggle wall poster. 


Kids Lib Camp, attended the Importance of Play workshop.


Preview session will be held October 24 to November 23.

Upcoming workshops: Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to Families with Young Children Training- September 2016, Using nonfiction and poetry in storytime-November 2016, Early Learning Spaces Training-February 2017 and The ABCs of Early Learning with New Directions Institute Staff-April 2017.  Look for more information to follow closer to dates.


2017 Catalogs available, Manuals will be available electronically free of charge.

Tech Topics

Issues with Launchpads( charging and cracked screens) Wallkill received AWE units through grant.

Highlight the Host

Port Jervis teen patron asked to play Magic: the Gathering at library, that program grew into a teen advisory board and other teen programs. Nerf guns in the library, after hours was a big hit!

What’s On Your Mind?

Cornwall: several issues with parents on phones or iPads during programs.  Newburgh is becoming an official chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance.

MEETING adjourned 11:47am             

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa SinClair

Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair