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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 4/28/2014

Meeting Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014

Attendees: Susan Babcock (Tuxedo), Barbara Domanio (Woodbury), Randall Enos (RCLS), Joanna Goldfarb (Monticello), Anna Gordon (Washingtonville), Rena Kalanick (Fallsburg), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Maria Martinez (Florida), Pennie Mercado (Fallsburg), Michelle Muller (Goshen), Kate O’Hara (WSPL), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall), Rhonda Somarelli (Port Jervis), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis), Meg Sgombick (Florida).
Table Talk Commenced 9:30 a.m.         TOPIC: Library Card Sign-Up, Lisa SinClair   
Cornwall Initiated iPad-mini lending (Central Hudson Grant funded), Cornwall mails card with brochures, policies , fines, etc. Teacher cards allow longer lending period and 25 items.
Washingtonville offers class sets for teachers – high interest topics
Fallsburg does not mail card; Driver’s License okay, POBox requires second item with street address, school sign-ups can pick up at the library. Offer Summer memberships as a family card.
Florida K registration at schools, Library has a table, policy requires child to be in Kindergarden.
Computer use agreement discussed: Port Jervis uses sticker on card to indicate computer use; letter from PJ school indicates Public Library card on school supply list.
Ended TableTalks at 9:52.
MEETING            Commenced 10:05 a.m.
Welcome and Introductions
CLOUSC Business for 2013-2014
•    Volunteers for CLOUSC Leadership Positions- Michelle willing to serve as Chair; Lisa willing to continue as Secretary.
•    Welcome to Kate O’Hara, Western Sullivan Public Library
•    June 2nd meeting will be at Goshen School District Administration Building, luncheon registrations need to be in by May 23, invitations for event to be out this week. Bryan Collier will be bringing prints and books for sale and signing.
•    Recap of Early Literacy Workshop on March 27th- Attendees commented: “excellent!” Ideas put into practice already; Saroj’s presentation style was complimented and highly “do-able” attendees implemented planning changes to work better; adapt tips to personal work style; assignment to “bring storytime” was a good exercise—possible CLOUSC activity in the future?; issue of time constraints and job commitments to allow documentation and paperwork of activities; parent interaction exercise= concept of identification to parent and passing out follow up; some suggestions take practice and get quicker with practice; parents are appreciative and receptive to extending concept activities for toddlers; Saroj’s website helpful (earlylit.net); also use Iowa and Utah’s early literacy websites. Randy showed the binder with early literacy kit “tip cards” and handbook (available to borrow: title “early literacy trainer’s kit”). Tips are something kids already look for; use of projected music/lyrics rather than handout. Flyers redone to include “tips”; validation of Ealry literacy knowledge and practice; parent expection of behavior – okay for adjustment to structure of program; bag/paper/marker idea will use in summer; also liked laminated pages/sheets for program use.
•     Recap of YSS Conference on April 4 – Sensory Storytimes - “excellent”; Common Core - school public library liaison partnership for curriculum support; Science Rocks – innovations/discovery centers Dewey Boxes on shelf with guide to browse, science carts in library to demonstrate activities; Technology in Storytime – comfortable with technology to implement use of Smartboard, apps (mostly free); Table Talks – best of teens/tweens, pet lovers club- age group based, made cat toys for shelter; scavenger hunt; Family Science Night – simple activity with explanation of “why”; Math Night. Speakers were “excellent”
•    Resource List/Bibliographies:  continue to work on.
        CLOUSC Award Committee: Selected Eileen Kieva (RCLS).
        SRP planning and Newspaper Inserts: No update. Cornwall District has gone “paperless” but hopefully will agree to send supplements.
        End of Year Author, CLOUSC Award Winner and Luncheon Event: Monday, June 2, 2014 Location still TBA, speaker will be Bryan Collier, who will bring books and prints for sale and signing at Luncheon.  

Sunshine Fund – no update

Book Share – Topic: Summer Reading Program Books:
Things that float and things that don’t – Adler
Science experiments that fizz and bubble
Do you know will it grow – Shea
Scholastic non-fiction series
Rookie Science
Discovery time
How to make a universe – Dingle
Ooblick – Seuss
Wile E. Coyote – experiments series

Announcements from Randy

3-minutes of fame  Fallsburg – Easter Party – Fidelis Healthcare, Clothing Drive 287 people helped with clothes; Voting day had Marcia the Moose- budget passed; Western Sullivan – Youth Camp center collaboration with groups; Washingtonville -  Family programs science based. Moffat increased their SRP by 2 weeks based on survey responses; Goshen Drop-In Spring Fling, teen volunteers help; Book Bingo for children’s book week; Mother’s Day used footprints to make butterflies (Pinterest idea)
Meeting adjourned 11:55 p.m.
At Noon: Terry Numa, Florida Public Library on Picture Book Art Studio


Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair