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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 4/27/2015

Meeting Date: 
Monday, April 27, 2015

Attendees: Christine Adams (Wallkill); Susan Babcock (Tuxedo Park); Randall Enos (RCLS); Joanna Goldfarb (Crawford-Monticello); Anna Gordon (Moffat- Washingtonville); Lisa Kochik (Newburgh); Kathy LaRocca (Goshen); Ruth Mallard (Liberty); Maria Martinez (Florida); Pennie Mercado (Fallsburg); Michelle Muller (Goshen); Lisa SinClair (Cornwall); Rhonda Somarelli (Port Jervis); Carolyn Threnz (Wallkill); Connie Treuting (Port Jervis).
Table Talk Commenced 9:30 a.m.     TOPIC: Interdepartmental Cooperation  
Goshen Library:  Surveyed Departments and asked about communication; strengths (small-size allowed direct conversation), weaknesses (space/layout, staff shifts); and general improvements needed. Discussion of
•    Staff Meetings (frequency, regularity, scheduled after Board Meeting),
•    Department Head meetings (frequency);
•    communication tools to communicate in real time: Cornwall using Slack for IM communications, Google Chat used at other libraries;
•    Rotate the Chair for meetings to keep fresh and encourage comprehensive communication from all departments while modeling “how to structure good meetings”;
•    Discussion of policies—in particular changes—to ensure public and staff awareness;
•    Proceedures
•    And promotion and awareness of all staff to events and variety of projects underway.
MEETING Commenced 10:05  a.m.                    
Welcome and Introductions.
CLOUSC activities for 2014-2015
Professional Development Day: Cancelled as not enough registered. Consideration of a Saturday program in conjunction with OUBOCES to boost attendance.
Report on Workshops/CE:
•    Serious Fun: including/incorporating gaming into programs. Positive experiences with getting kids/teens to help; brings in new patrons; any gaming (Magic: the Gathering card program at Port Jervis still meeting monthly.) Discussed collection development/lending of games – typically 1 week WiiU, DS, Xbox most popular; discussed shelving & buying of “M” content; permissions to borrow policies; Games as a separate line or in AV budget; consoles not lended by libraries, many don’t even own them but bring from staff or patrons bring them to programs. Goshen’s club divide by age 12 into 2 gaming clubs (under 12; over 12).
•    YSS Spring Conference: “fun” “great ideas” “good topics and speakers”. Reports on Storywalks : Wallkill has a StoryWalk on the Rail Trail sponsored by the Girl Scouts;  No MakerSpace Required: Robot from Coffee Cans, Project runway (Staff person who sews!); Every Day Design for displays; Table Talks: t-shirt capes, video game design, summer science camp for girls, theater improv;  AnyThink Libraries Keynote by Pam Sandlian-Smith was inspirational in team-building and staff inclusion to serve community/neighborhood.
•    June Luncheon: set for June 1 with K.L. Going guest speaker at Monroe Free Library. Registration Form distributed.
•    CLOUSC Officers for 2015-16: Chairperson nominee: Anna Gordon (Moffat/Washingtonville) and Secretary nominee: Lisa SinClair (Cornwall).
•    Special Projects: Summer Reading Book Lists are completed and will be distributed soon; Resource List updates / reminders to continue? Is it helpful?
CLOUSC Award: final nominations due; preliminary selection has been made. [UPDATE: Sue Scott selected for CLOUSC Award.]
Mock Caldecott and Newbery Committee: contact Michelle if you want to serve on selection committee.
YSTUG / Overdrive children’s selection committee: Procedures for selection of titles being discussed; anticipate ordering 2x / month. Randy will put out call for committee participation; suggestion of a leader/chair and selectors to comprise a committee of 4-5 at most. [UPDATE: Pending Library Directors Association approval, selection of titles to begin in July 2015.]
Sunshine Fund
$10 contribution to brighten someone’s day. Update: Jill Cronin named Director at Greenwood Lake.
Book Share: Summer Reading Program Books
    Zero to Hero; Superhero themed week “I am … (spiderman, superman)” Easy Reader level not too exciting; Super Sister (everyday hero); Ruby Bridges for History theme; Capt. Underpants – themed what makes a hero family storytime; Ginger Bread Man Super Hero, El Deafo, Read-aloud comic books.
Announcements from Randy
3-minutes of fame
Wallkill: Hour of Code led to computer coding for kids age 10 and up; ended up running two sessions featuring Scratch and assignment/project for each session; Skyped with a professional coder (daughter of the volunteer instructor);  Annual Play/Production of Books Alive now done by School.
Goshen: Fairy Tales week during spring break had 75 attendees for opening day; maker theme “imagination box” old craft supplies of magnets, pipdcleaners, popsickle sticks, buttons; flannel board poetry; snap circuits; marshmallow with spaghetti building; take-home building sets of solar robots; taste makers- pizza, ice cream flavors.
Fallsburg: Dr. Seuss Birthday, movies of classic Disney live-action (nostalgia for parents/grandparents)
Cornwall: Poetry contest (10th Annual) 55 + attended ceremony with 145+ poems.
MEETING adjourned 11:45    


Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair