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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 2/23/2015

Meeting Date: 
Monday, February 23, 2015

Attendees: Joni Armstrong (Chester); Susan Babcock (Tuxedo Park); Barbara Domanico (Woodbury, Ida Cornell Branch); Randall Enos (RCLS); Joanna Goldfarb (Crawford-Monticello); Anna Gordon (Moffat- Washingtonville); Rena Kalanick (Fallsburg); Lisa Kochik (Newburgh); Ruth Mallard (Liberty); Maria Martinez (Florida); Pennie Mercado (Fallsburg); Michelle Muller (Goshen); Lisa SinClair (Cornwall); Rhonda Somarelli (Port Jervis); Connie Treuting (Port Jervis).
Table Talk Commenced 9:30 a.m.     TOPIC: Registration vs. Drop-in Programming
Goshen Library: moved to drop-in for school-age programs due to space considerations and based on feedback from public; programs better attended as a result. Early literacy programs still require registration, with a drop in option on single day; Registration used for programs requiring preparation of items for use; vs drop-in “crafts” which are more versatile to be able to use in other programs.
Florida Public Library: Drop in structure working; focus on schedule to accommodate maximum number of interested patrons. Early literacy storytimes and craft based programs still require registration.
Tuxedo Park: Uses Remind.com for text updates and reminders about programs people have registered for. (Susan B later provided handout of remind.com information she gives to parents)
Washingtonville: mix of registration for programs, but allows walk ins to fill the event. Seems to work for them.
ISSUES DISCUSSED: age-based programming makes drop in difficult to manage; staff scheduling to accommodate numbers anticipated to attend; concerns from public about the “quality” of program – perception that drop in is more casual than a polished presentation for limited number or known attendees; depend on flexibility of program structure for drop ins.
MEETING Commenced 10:10 a.m.                    
Welcome and Introductions.
CLOUSC activities for 2014-2015
Professional Development Day: Eric Carle Museum. Discussed available workshop options, selecting “Reading Pictures: Interpreting Picture Book Art with Children” if adapted to adult audience – for Mock Caldecott discussion enhancement; Museum provided recommended lunch delivery places (Café dining space still available; the Museum no longer sells food items.) Selected the following dates for trip, in preferred order: Wed, May 13; Tues. May 19; Thurs. May 21; Friday May 22 (avoid—the Friday before Memorial Day weekend- possible traffic issues and low attendance). Approx. departure 8:00 a.m. Newburgh Mall; return would be 7:00 p.m.. Approx. max cost $75, all inclusive (bus, lunch, workshop) Opted not to have paid gallery tours.
Report on Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions on 1/14: Congrats to Randy on success and completion of ALA/ALSC Newbery Committee Chair duties; Discussed Mock results. Longer discussion times for Mock Caldecotts was helpful and enhanced the discussion; idea presented to have a Table Talk at a fall 2015 CLOUSC meeting on Vocabulary for Caldecott discussion. Idea presented to include artists in the discussions at Mocks (reach out to any resident artists in your community to plan to invite.)
Report on RCLS Performers Showcase on 2/20: Reviewed presenters; all good, no standouts as in previous years. Moffat/Washingtonville has therapy bunnies contact if libraries are interested.
Special Projects:
•    YSTUG committee: Randy shared adult database selection criteria; to be continued….
•    Resource List: suggestions for reminders welcome; some increase in awareness and requests for items to borrow.
•    Collecting CLOUSC memorabilia to create a scrapbook for the archive. As we prepare to transition to digital archive on the RCLS Website, the paper records will be cleared out so unique, significant items (photos, special letters, etc.) will be scrapbooked. (Michelle volunteered to do the work!)
    CLOUSC Award: Ponder nominees for this year; Nomination form to be distributed at March CLOUSC meeting; nominations due 4/15/15.
    Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions: Michelle happy to continue as CLOUSC Mock Newbery Chair, encourage new volunteers to serve on Mock Newbery selection committee. Email Michelle@goshenpubliclibrary.org if interested. Newly implemented voluntary review/selection of Mock Caldecott titles seems to be working well so will continue.
    Other Committees:
    “Y2Kids Careers A to Z” date set for Wed, March 18, 2015 with a snowdate of Thurs, March 19. Sign-up sheet circulated. Items to give away at table welcome: please get them to Randy, Michelle or Lisa Kochik by Friday, March 13.
    “End-of-Year Luncheon” still working on a location for meeting on June 1- Bethel Woods non-responsive to date; KL Going confirmed as speaker.
Sunshine Fund
$10 contribution to brighten someone’s day.
Book Share: Caldecott & Newbery
    Discussed winners/honors of Newbery, Discussed Caldecott Winners/Honors in comparison to CLOUSC Mock selections. Caldecott Winner, “Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend” written/illustrated by Dan Santat was out of print.
Announcements from Randy

MEETING adjourned 12:10    


Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair