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CLOUSC Meeting Minutes 06/06/2016

Meeting Date: 
Monday, June 6, 2016

Attendees: Joni Armstrong (Chester), Susan Babcock (Tuxedo), Randall Enos (RCLS), Liz Fisher (Cornwall),  Joanna Goldfarb (Monticello), Karen Golding (Goshen), Anna Gordon (Washingtonville), Sara Johnson (Florida), Lisa Kochik (Newburgh), Amanda Letohic (Fallsburg), Ruth Mallard (Liberty), Pennie Mercado (Fallsburgh), Michelle Muller (Goshen), Melissa Quarles (Monroe), Bonnie Sakow (Newburgh), Sara Schepis (Newburgh), Lisa SinClair (Cornwall),  Rhonda Somerelli (Port Jervis), Vicey Thomas (Liberty), Connie Treuting (Port Jervis)

MEETING Commenced 9:32am                                          

Welcome and Introductions.

New CLOUSC members, Amanda Letohic from Fallsburgh and Sara Schepis from Newburgh, both received CLOUSC mugs and pins.

CLOUSC plans for 2016-2017

New CLOUSC President-Lisa Kochik from Newburgh

New CLOUSC Secretary-TBA


     CLOUSC Award: Will be presented today.

      Mock Caldecott and Newbery Discussions:  Michelle spoke about this committee to the new CLOUSC members. Email Michelle if you would like to help out.

Sunshine Fund

Call for dues. Cards for Rena (Fallsburgh) and Grace (RCLS) were signed.

Agenda for Next Year

Randy shared draft of the 2016-2017 meeting schedule with the group.

Book Share ideas: graphic novels, election books, wordless books, funny books.

Table Talks ideas: Museum passes, home schooling patrons, incorporating digital literacy into early literacy, Remind.com

At Noon Presentations idea: Children’s services panel, incorporate technology into meeting, Grace from Barnes & Noble-tech petting zoo, and songs for storytime.

Group discussed highlighting 1 library for “5 minutes of fame” before group shares their “minute of fame.” Also have a “What’s On Your Mind” segment of the meeting.  Group agreed that time and structure of meeting still works. Museum Village might be a good spot for our June, 2017 meeting.  Is Bethel Woods too far for some to travel for June meeting?




Announcements from Randy


Attended several publisher previews, shared books with group.


Minecraft program, May 24th-Joanna attended Minecraft program at Fayetteville, geared towards YA but she can adapt to use with younger children. Lisa K. asked group if they were thinking of  starting Minecraft,  her program has been very successful. 

Kids Lib Camp-August 3-look for more info.

Fall Into Books, Friday, October 28th has a new location: Salvation Army, 440 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY at conference center.


Preview books will be distributed soon.

Upcoming workshops: Strategies for Successful Partnerships and Outreach to Families with Young Children Training- September 2016, Using nonfiction and poetry in storytime-November 2016, Early Learning Spaces Training-February 2017 and The ABCs of Early Learning with New Directions Institute Staff-March 2017.  Look for more information to follow closer to dates.


Newspaper inserts being delivered, make sure you get your copies from Randy today.

Booklists coming soon and they are available on the RCLS website.

Sticker order is in the works.

Free books-watch for email-Golden Books and Classics


NY Read Aloud-April, Maker Space Bootcamp-July 6-8, Tech Bootcamp @ RCLS in December.

Randy has extra grant money for programs, items must be housed at RCLS, contact Randy with ideas.  Drawing for basket of goodies from YSS.

3-minutes of fame

Connie asked how others used NERF guns in programs, Anna uses for freeze tag, capture the flag and target practice.  Sara from Newburgh shared150+Screenfree Activities for Kids.

MEETING adjourned 10:32am             

Guest speaker from 10:45-noon- Illustrator Robert Rayevsky

CLOUSC award was presented to Grace Riario from RCLS

Robert and Grace received CLOUSC mugs.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa SinClair

Minutes Author: 
Lisa SinClair