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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about RCLS services answered by our administrators, consultants, and technicians.

The RCLS Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Group or COSAG is mandated by New
York State Education Law to provide community input for library systems in New York State:
III. Each System maintains a Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Group which meets at
least twice a year, includes 5-11 members, includes members of the target population groups and
agencies who work with these groups within the system's service area, and one director of a
member library.

Who is this group? COSAG is comprised of representatives from the NYS Outreach Target
Population Groups:

  • Aged
  • Blind /physically disabled
  • Confined in institutions
  • Developmentally or learning disabled
  • Educationally disadvantaged
  • Members of ethic or minority groups in need of special library services
  • Unemployed and in need of job placement assistance
  • Living in areas underserved by a library

Plus one representative from the RCLS Directors’ Association  (thank you chair of the RCLS
System Services Committee, Bill Langham)

What does COSAG do? COSAG meets periodically to discuss issues, concerns, problems that
face these groups. In turn, these discussions may provide insight into training, services, and/or
projects to be developed for member library staff.

For more specific information as to past meetings, the last approved RCLS COSAG minutes
can be found on the RCLS Web page at Services – Outreach.
If you have any more questions or if you think of a likely candidate who would welcome an
invitation to serve, please contact me (ext. 239 or e-mail).

Thanks to the Adult Services Advisory Council (ASAC) Book Discussion Leader’s Guide Project, a new resource is available for librarians and the public through the RCLS Web page. Ten Book Discussion Leader’s Guides are now accessible from the “Services” tab in the “Adult Services” category. Under “Book Discussion” you will find:

  • Instructions on how to request RCLS Book Discussion Consortium books
  • A list of the consortium’s holdings
  • A set of book discussion leader’s guides that can be printed out

These guides represent the ten most requested titles in the RCLS Book Consortium. New guides will be added as they become available. Please let us know if these guides are helpful to you and to local book discussion leaders. Let us know, too, if there are other consortium titles for which you would like to see guides.

The RCLS Book Discussion Consortium is a collection of books to be used for book discussions and may be borrowed only by library staff. To find out which books are available from the RCLS Consortium, go to the Enterprise Search screen and then:

  • Open the Search Limit ("Everything") drop down list
  • Select RCLS Book Discuss
  • Leave search term box empty
  • Sort results by title
  • OR the Book Discussion Consortium list is also available on the RCLS Web page.
  • Go to the tab “Services”
  • Look under “Adult Services”
  • Click on “Book Discussion”


RCLS’s Digital Download Center offers electronic files of ebooks, audiobooks, music and video to cardholders of our member libraries. The process of downloading these files is similar to commercial content download services like: iTunes, Amazon, and RecordedBooks. These services require a payment for downloading; the RCLS Digital Download Center only requires a valid library card and PIN number.

RCLS Digital Download Center files will be in one of several different formats. Ebook files are in either Adobe format or Kindle format. Each of these formats may require the user (i.e. library patron) to have install free software on their computer or device that is designed to display these specific formats.

Video, music, and most audiobook files require the user to have the Overdrive Media Console software or app, which must be installed prior to the first download. The Overdrive Media Console software is available for Windows and Apple Mac users; and for Android and iOS (Apple) portable phones and devices.

The best way to get started using the Digital Download Center is to first take the interactive guided tour online.

Every once in a while a book or serial in your collection needs the special attention of a bookbinder. The following businesses are currently operational and very capable in repairing your materials.

Hudson River Bindery (Newburgh)

Bridgeport (CT) National Bindery